Store Policies

Please read my store policies and do take note of the permissions of the item, it’s listed on the vendor.

1. Refund and Exchange items

– ALL items sold are COPY / MODIFY / NO TRANSFER
NO refunds or exchanges
– exceptions are duplicate purchases of the exact same item.

* Some of my older items in SLMarketplace are at modify/no copy/transferable, and only those are eligible for refund, provided the item be returned.

2. Custom Requests

I don’t usually accept any major custom requests. You can however submit suggestions. If there are any suggestions, just send a note card with a drawing or a picture attached. No promises if they would be used though.

Stuff I generally do not accept:

  • Sending a copy of the items you bought for your main account to your alt.
  • Changing the permission settings of the clothing, if you want them as a gift please refer to my SL Marketplace page.
  • Customized outfit with the agreement I can not resell the item.