*SRD* Update: Vintage Fair Goodness

I’ve recently joined the Vintage Fair, the first ever clothing fair I’ve ever joined. I’ll be honest in saying I was very nervous about the whole thing. I’m not a great designer, even if I’ve been around in SL for a pretty long time and I’ve never had the confidence to join fairs as big as this one.

The Vintage Fair officially starts on November 11, 2011 until December 3, 2011. I’ll post the Slurl and send a LM to the group once we get the go signal.

Anyway, wish me luck and do drop by the fair. There’s a lot of oodles of stuff for everyone and trust me, if I didn’t need to pay tier I’d be wasting all my lindens shopping like no tomorrow.

Yes, I’ve been told I’ve got a problem.

Well to start off, I’ll be introducing The Deb. A 1920’s flapper style outfit. I’ve done a few 1920’s outfits before but this is my first flapper outfit. It comes with the following:  blouse (with or without the front net) in both shirt and jacket versions, glitchpants, flexi skirt, and a pearl necklace.

There are three alternate colors to choose from. Each costs L$220, and a Fatpack containing all three (3) costs L$ 600.


Flowers for Biba is a 1970’s outfit. This was an inspiration to the original Biba dress, I think it was a brand in the 1970’s (or so my book says). I loved the simplicity of it and I tried to emulate it in SL. I’m not sure if I got it right but well I tried. I did vacillate between the short skirt popular in the era to the slightly more longer hippy style skirt, so I decided to do both.

The outfit comes with the following: blouse in both jacket and shirt versions, two (2) glitchpants, two (2) sculpted skirts (disco short and knee length), sculpted uniboob, and sculpted sleeves for both upper and lower arms.

There are four (4) available colors to choose from, each costing L$ 175 each, and a Fatpack containing all four (4) designs go for L$ 525.



I have a Vintage Fair Gift available to all, and will only be available at the Vintage Fair during the entire event. You don’t need to be part of the group to receive the gift this time, you just need to show up. (~.^).

The Deb and Flowers for Biba are exclusive only to the Vintage Fair until Dec. 3, 2011. I do have some of my older items available at the Fair, and they’ll be at discount (they will also be unavailable at the Main Store during this time until the end of the fair).

All items are Copy / Modify / NO TRANSFER.

Watch out for updates on the SLurls and Landmarks! ♥

~ ❤ ~


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