War of the Burning Sands

“The wrath of brothers is fierce and devilish.” ~ Arabic proverb

They were the warriors of the desert. Mighty nomads that roamed the seemingly barren wastes of sand. In this world, there are those who in order to live must kill. In this fight of survival who will emerge victorious?

There are three tribes in this particular series: the lion, the scorpion and the serpent. Of the three tribes, they would have two (2) pattern designs, each design will have four (4) color variations. Both male and female versions are available. 🙂

A whooping total of forty-eight ( 48 ) outfits–if my math is correct– are available. Matching weapons will be provided by a friend, so if those come out, I’ll post them as soon as I can.

Each outfit usually includes the following: hood (w/ & w/o mask), scarf (w/ & w/o cape), tunic (shirt, skirt & occasionally in gloves), sculpted prim pants leg, sculpted prim sleeves (only for the men).

Each outfit cost L$ 490

All items are copy/modify/no transfer. Considering the size of the items and the limitations in terms of prim space and network space, I’ve decided to make the modify/transfer versions no longer available in-world. Instead, all modify/transfer (or gift items) for this product will only be available through SLExchange.

Eventually, I will be taking out my modify/transfer vendors perhaps several months down the line, but as of now, the modify/transfer vendors will no longer be updated.

After “War of the Burning Sands” I’ll be continuing my “Kingdom of Heaven” series 😀 Until then, this designer is going to take a break. See ya guys in WoW~! ♥

~ ♥ ~


Men’s Changeling

To most people who know me (most of which don’t play in SL) they know how much I love table-top gaming, and just recently (roughly a month ago) I bought myself the Changeling Core Book, Autumn Nightmares, Changeling D10 set and even the Changeling GM Screen (for my boyfriend).

Fan girl? Yes. Quite obviously.

Now being a fan girl, buying the stuff isn’t enough and well I decided to take it one step further by making a men’s outfit dedicated to Changeling. Of course it also helped that someone approached me with a design suggestion and well, I figured why not?

The outfit uses leaves as an overall pattern, from the jacket, pants and the scarf. I wish I could have done better but I’ve spent the better part of two weeks trying to cough up my lungs (and other bodily organs) and being under the influence of various other medication (telfast, sinecod, antibiotics, celestamine to name a few) didn’t help any.

The outfit includes the following: Shirt, Pants, Prim Cuffs, Prim Scarf, Prim Coat tails and Prim lower pants parts.

There are six (6) color alternatives to choose from: Cold, Dream, Evergreen, Nightmare, Pine & Toast.

Outfits are of course Copy/Modify/No Transfer. But if you wish to purchase Transfer versions as gifts, they are available only in the following: Main Store Shenri La, Diloba & Caledon in a separate JEVN vendor.

*Elf Ears not included.

Soft Opening of Silver Rose Designs Shengri La

Store is finally done (much thanks to Devon) and I’m currently arranging the vendors. The vendors are at at 90% done but enough for me to do a soft opening at least. From there I’ll be toying with my network vendor so I can start remodeling my other branches as well.

To celebrate the opening two outfits are now out for sale, both of which are inspirations from Granado Espada (one other reason why I’m usually delayed).

Della Rosa was inspired after the Elementalist of Granado Espada. The gown consists of a blouse, underpants, prim skirt, prim sleeves, stockings and gloves. The gown has six (6) other color alternates: blue, green, purple, red, sepia and yellow.

They’re currently only available in my Shengri-La main store.


Estefan is another inspiration on the same game. Due to popular demand I’ve made the parts a little bit more flexible, the inner shirt and outer jacket can now be worn separately. The outfit consists of an inner shirt, outer jacket, inner shirt & outer jacket combo, prim sleeves for both the jacket and inner shirt, prim collar and coat tails.

I just added the two pants from The Wizard to this outfit since I think it’ll be overkill to make over decorated pants. It works well anyway.

Outfit comes in six (6) alternate colors: Hyacinthine, Minimium, Puniceous, Vermeil, Vinaceous & Virescent. It’s currently only available in my Shengri-La store.

Silver Rose Designs in Shengri-La: Click Here for SLurl

Finally Something for the Men’s…

Things have been hectic a lot lately, so I’ve been a ton busy of a lot of stuff. Events, drama, parties, drama, more drama, my PC and Granado Espada.

And now since I have to wait until May to get my hands on it again, I got busy (sort of) making a new set of men’s wear. Well I initially tried to make a goddess gown for an auction but it never came out the way I wanted it…so I went into men’s stuff instead.

The Wizard, was inspired by the wizard class in Granado Espada. To say that game made a big impression on me was like saying water is wet. I’ve abandoned “realism” for this one, opting for something more dramatic in terms of coloring and texturing. I wanted to give my stuff that fantasy feeling without the feeling of being too cartoonish–then again I think this is a style, that’s cropping up more and more on my designs.

The outfit consists of the following: Jacket (Shirt), Coat tail (skirt), two (2) pairs of pants (black and white) and a prim collar.

There are six (6) colors to choose from: Blue, Gold, Green, Maroon, Purple & Teal.

Modify/Copy/No Transfer

*Modify/No Copy/Transfer: You can buy them in a separate vendor at the 3rd floor of my main shop in Caledon Victoria City or visit SLExchange.


On another set of good news (for which I’m brimming with), a good friend of mine offered me a bigger space to set up my new flagship store. I’m running out of display space in my old store, but the move won’t mean I’ll abandon Caledon store completely. It will be revamped though.

Of course due to the move and incurring expenses of hiring a builder to design the new store, I’ll be selling my lease in Caledon (Prime) Lot 1. The entire lot consists of two lots and total 4,096 sqm. It’s idle land for me.

I do enjoy haggling 🙂 For residents, I don’t mind exchanging leases. I will only accept lease swapping for land in Mayfair or Victoria City with at least half the size (2,048 sqm) of my Caledon lot.