New Arabian Fantasy Handmaiden Costume

Before I begin, I’d like to thank all those who have donated to the Red Cross for the victims of the Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana. Your efforts are much appreciated, and every little bit given helps.

Now onward to the update.

Well October is upon us and I’m fairly delayed from making stuff. Considering that Halloween is coming soon, it only made sense for me to make something that’s usually different from my usual main stays of Victorian or Lolita/EGL. It’s just that I make costumes to begin with so I figured I’d at least do something I don’t do often, which in this case was to design another fantasy Arabian outfit.

Zahrah is part of the Kingdom of Heaven, sort of my sub-category for Arabian/Desert-esque inspired fashion/costumes. Zahrah was intended to be an outfit for a Jinn though now that I look at it, it seemed more appropriate for a royal handmaiden.

I’ve tried to make this outfit a little bit more versatile by adding a translucent version of the glitch-pants (and the sculpted poofy part), an option for short or long tassels on the scarf belt, opaque and or translucent veils. They’re just minor things to make things a little bit more interesting. Unfortunately I didn’t get enough time to play with Blender to come up with better add-ons.

The outfit includes the following: Blouse (jacket & shirt), Glitchpants (opaque & translucent), sculpted poofy pants attachment (opaque & translucent), sculpted scarf belt (short & long tassels), and sculpted prim veil (opaque & translucent).

There are eight (8) colour alternatives to choose from: Blue, Bronze, Midnight Blue, Pearl, Pink, Purple, Red and Steel.

Each outfit costs L$550 each, and the fatpack that contains all eight (8) outfits costs L$3,500.

Zahrah (Emerald) is available in my Group Only Gift Chair. So, just remember to switch to your Silver Rose Design group tags, and sit on the cushions for a few minutes to get your gift.


My items are available in XStreet SL, just click here to see my list of items.

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Sultry Assassin

“A woman can hide her love for 40 years, but her disgust and anger not for one day” ~Arabian Proverb

A continuation of my Kingdom of Heaven series, is the sultry assassin Yasmin.

Perfect for the femme fetale who uses her feminine wiles to get close to her prey just before she slides the knife to finish the business and then disappears into the shadows to make her escape.

This outfit includes the following: Bra Top (w/ & w/o collar; jacket, shirt, & undershirt versions of both) pants, sash belt (skirt), sculpted prim sleeves, sculpted prim pants’ leg, sculpted prim mask & sculpted prim hood w/ cape

There are six colors to choose from: Cobalt, Crimson, Green, Midnight, Purple & Rust.

All items are Copy/Modify/No Transfer and are available in my Main store in Shengri La.

Gift items are only available through SLExchange.

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So far weapons aren’t ready yet, any update will be announced soon. (@_@). I’ll still continue to make more Arabian outfits on occasion but I might focus on something else again or at least try to finish my previous projects. 🙂

SL has been giving me a pain so the prospect of seeing “War of the Burning Sands” in SLExchange are kind of slim. I’ll add on it, but it’ll be slow. So for those who want a gift version of the outfit, just send me a notecard and specify which outfit you want, send moolah and I’ll deliver it right away when I get online. 🙂

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War of the Burning Sands

“The wrath of brothers is fierce and devilish.” ~ Arabic proverb

They were the warriors of the desert. Mighty nomads that roamed the seemingly barren wastes of sand. In this world, there are those who in order to live must kill. In this fight of survival who will emerge victorious?

There are three tribes in this particular series: the lion, the scorpion and the serpent. Of the three tribes, they would have two (2) pattern designs, each design will have four (4) color variations. Both male and female versions are available. 🙂

A whooping total of forty-eight ( 48 ) outfits–if my math is correct– are available. Matching weapons will be provided by a friend, so if those come out, I’ll post them as soon as I can.

Each outfit usually includes the following: hood (w/ & w/o mask), scarf (w/ & w/o cape), tunic (shirt, skirt & occasionally in gloves), sculpted prim pants leg, sculpted prim sleeves (only for the men).

Each outfit cost L$ 490

All items are copy/modify/no transfer. Considering the size of the items and the limitations in terms of prim space and network space, I’ve decided to make the modify/transfer versions no longer available in-world. Instead, all modify/transfer (or gift items) for this product will only be available through SLExchange.

Eventually, I will be taking out my modify/transfer vendors perhaps several months down the line, but as of now, the modify/transfer vendors will no longer be updated.

After “War of the Burning Sands” I’ll be continuing my “Kingdom of Heaven” series 😀 Until then, this designer is going to take a break. See ya guys in WoW~! ♥

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Good Omens

Bashai’r in Arabic means ‘good omens’ or ‘good news,’ and it’s good news indeed for me to be able to upload my second Kingdom of Heaven outfit despite SL’s difficulties. I’ve been crashing and crashing and more crashing the past few days so despite the rocky start I’m very happy to see that everything is better now…on my end at least.

Today’s outfit pimpage is another dress from my Kingdom of Heaven series. The dress sports a rather demure dècollatage with a low back collar at the back and a revealing side slits just below the hip to give it that sexy look without looking like another belly dancer.

Obviously this is one desert dress you can’t wear at conservative sims. 😉

The outfit contains the following: blouse, skirt, glitchpants, prim skirt (scripted and not scripted), prim waist sash, prim veil headdress (w/ or w/o face veil) and prim face veil.

There are six (6) colors to choose from: Blue, Bronze, Crimson, Oasis, Silver & Teal.

All items are copy/modify/no transfer.

Transferable (Gift) versions are available in a separate JEVN Vendor in Shengri-La, Caledon, Diloba store branches and SLExchange (mod/trans only).

Item is MetaCard available.

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Arabian Fantasy

I was approached recently with an idea to start designing costumes that didn’t have to limit to the Victorian era, and considering the sudden glut of Victorian fare, I figured why not?

It was good exercise at least to stretch those creative juices and the setting for which I will be focusing for the next few months of work was very inspiring to say the least. Much applaud goes to Madame Harla and her team for making 1001 Nights Arabian Sim.

That being said, I’ll be now pimping the new outfit which is possibly no coincidence that I do have a small stall of sorts at the above mentioned sim.

Fatima is under the Kingdom of Heaven series that focuses on fantasy Arabian clothing. On a side note, it is unlikely that I will be making slave silks as those practically saturate most of SL markets.

The outfit comes with the following: blouse, glitch pants, skirt, prim scarf, prim headdress (w/ & w/o veil), prim face veil and prim skirt (scripted and non-scripted).

Incidentally, Fatima’s scripted prim skirt contains a script that would allow the skirt to try and follow your avatar’s movements. The script is not made by me and I can’t give any more tech support that isn’t supported in the notecard. The script is also not for sale or for free. As always feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Six (6) colors to choose from: Bronze, Crimson, Midnight, Oasis, Purple & Sand.

All items are copy/modify/no transfer.

Transferable (Gift) versions are available in a separate JEVN Vendor in Shengri-La, Caledon, Diloba store branches and SLExchange (mod/trans only).

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