*SRD* Update: Starry Night

This is going to be a quickie since it’s late, and I am soo tired… (I’m old so bite me, I can’t stay up as I used to 10-15 years ago).

Starry Night was inspired by, yes the painting of Vincent Van Gogh. The outfit is fairly modern gown, and it can be worn in a variety of ways and styles.

Each outfit contains: two (2) blouse styles (with or without the mesh, shirt & jacket options), glitch pants (4 styles), system skirts (2 styles) prim skirts (4 styles, but has 2 mermaid style skirts–to the total of 5 skirt styles), sculpted belt (simple or with bow), sculpted collar.

The gown is available in three (3) color styles for you to choose from: Dusk, Midnight & Twilight.

Each outfit costs L$ 850 and a Fatpack is available at my Mainstore at L$2,200.

For my group members, I have a group gift waiting for you if you visit my store today until September 11, 2011. Just remember to avail the gift, simply switch to your Silver Rose Design group and click on the vendor!

The group gift is only available for a limited time so make sure to grab your copy~! ♥

Items of course are COPY / MODIFY / NO TRANSFER.

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Miss Abelia

I actually finished setting up the vendors for my new outfit, late last night (at least very late for me). I would have updated my blog but my brain was shrieking obscenities at me telling me that my eyes needed to stop staring at my monitor and that I needed to sleep–like two hours ago. I guess it didn’t help that my body had gotten used to be roused around 5:30am in the morning.

So yeah….

Now the updates!

The outfit Abelia can be worn two ways: the prim and proper way, with the blouse and inner shirt demurely covering her up to her dainty neck which makes for a perfect day dress, and the sultry way, sans inner shirt and displaying a bit of decolletage and skin to tantalize and tease, a perfect alternative to the evening gown.

This gown includes the following: Blouse (w/ & w/o inner shirt, both Jacket & Shirt ver.), glitch pants, system mesh skirt, prim lace collar (attachment points of spine & collar), sculpted upper sleeves, sculpted cuffs, two (2) style prim skirts (scripted & non-scripted)

*Please note that Mirrored Sculpties have been used on the outfit 🙂

You can choose from six (6) colors to choose from: Brown, Crimson, Green, Purple, Steel and Teal.

Abelia in Blue will be available in my Group Gift chair once I get the script. It took me a while to find a proper Gift Chair that isn’t in Japanese, and the one I found needed a tiny bit of tweaking by the creator, so once that’s done I’ll have two (2) Group-Only Gift Chairs, so wait for that update!


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