*SRD* 50% off Sale

I’m having a 50% off sale, until the Dec. 3, 2011. I’m currently renovating my store, making it a bit smaller and taking down 90% of my items. They are very old anyway and I need to update my store items and well shrink my store. Tier is atrocious and I’m not earning to actually justify the land I’m sitting on.

With that said, I’d like to clear up though majority of my items in my Main store will be taken down, the items on my specialty branches will remain. Meaning, my items in Caledon and Kingdom of Sand will remain as is. This also means that those who bought my Affiliate vendors will not experience any of my items being pulled down, as both for my other smaller branches and affiliate vendors borrow from the same servers.

Eventually, once I’ve amassed a more up-to-date collection, I’ll be taking down the items in those vendors. But not so for a long time.

My SL Marketplace page is another matter and all my stuff from the very old to the latest things I’ve had will be posted there for now.

Sale ends on Dec. 3, 2011 if I’m lucky. Once the store is up and running I’ll post a new slurl, and send the Landmark out.

Have a nice day, guys and gals and enjoy~! ♥

To visit my Main Store, click here.

*note: Sale is only limited to the Main Store only.

~ ❤ ~


*SRD* Holiday Sale

When you’re older and you live in a Catholic country, Christmas is equivalent to Holy Week where you punish yourself to atone for your sins. 😐

At this rate, I highly doubt I am going to get anything done so I’ll be holding a 50-60% off saleSelected Items Only until January 1, 2011. It’s going to be a sort of hunt so you’ll need to find out what items are on sale and stuff. I’ll be adding one to several items on sale every day until then, with a random freebie somewhere in the store on the 25th. So watch out for that.

You darlings have a wonderful Christmas, Happy Holidays and try not to blow yourself up during New Year. 🙂


Minor rant.

I absolutely detest and loathe sculpties…actually no, that’s not fairly accurate. I detest and loathe making sculpties. I absolutely suck, and I repeat, suck at it. I’ve tried Maya but we don’t get along. The only thing I could ever make useful out of it are the kind of freebie sculpties you see lying around. Anything complicated than a slightly modified sphere usually ends up in a disaster.

So yeah…a week worth of prim work went down the toilet just recently, so that forced me to do everything via texturing.

Frankly I’m not too happy with the result. I’m not used to having extremely soft flexi prims on skirts, as they tend to go everywhere when you walk. It makes scripted skirts look absolutely useless.

That being said, onwards to updates!

Dell’Amore was admittedly inspired by another of Granado Espada’s gowns in an albeit more simplified version. I think I’ve mentioned it before that yes, I’m a big big fan of the MMO’s graphics and music. Don’t ask me about game play. I stopped playing for a reason.

The outfit originally had sculpty skirts in it, but as you can tell it never pushed through. (¬_¬) And no, I’m not really all to happy about it. Still it was fun making this outfit–I particularly had fun with the feathers–so it wasn’t a total loss.

The outfit contains the following: Blouse, Glitchpants, Prim flexi skirt (scripted & non-scripted), sculpted prim sleeves, feathered collar and a matching feathered fan.

You can choose from six (6) choices: Crimson, Emerald, Midnight, Purple, Royal Blue & Tangerine.

The outfit costs L$600 and is at copy/modify/no transfer.

As usual, gift items/transferable versions will only be available in SLExchange.

I also added a Collar and Fan fat pack that can be sold separately. As I mentioned earlier I did make a ton of feathers and went ahead and had a ball. The box contains twelve (12) color alterations of those feathered collars and feathered fans. The fatpack cost L$300 and is also at copy/modify/no transfer.

As a bonus, I’ll be sending out a Teal version of Dell’Amore to group members for roughly a month or until notices expire. So for SRD members, please watch out for that notice.

On another note, I’m having problems with my groups. For reasons unknown, my notices seem to “expire” in less than thirty days and I’m not sure why… Anyone with any idea how to fix this for me, give me an IM.

~ ♥ ~

Now on that jewelry update I promised last month…

My jewelry maker, Alienbear, is doing a RL house/apartment move so she can’t do any of the jewelry as of yet. Right now I’m just wishing her luck that things go well on her end. (^_^) Which leads me to another topic…

My main store will be moving very, very soon. And I’m in need of Mainland property roughly at 16,384sqm which is equivalent of 3k prims worth (because I can’t afford voids, or an actual sim–I’m poor). Now I understand that void sims are nice but I would prefer property that would allow me to pay tier directly to Linden Labs. And no, I’m not interested in rentals which includes “buying” a plot with “land rights”. To me that’s not buying, that’s “renting”. The fact that I’m beholden directly to a “land lord” who isn’t an employee of LL makes it a rental.

So if there are any kind souls out there who wish to help me out, please drop me a notecard. I’d appreciate the help.

~ ♫ ~